About CFM

Born out of the need to facilitate a longtime dream that has yet to come true and the wish to share great music, Common Folk Music is an Internet publication for folk, Americana, bluegrass music and their sub-genres. Beginning as a one-woman-operation and a labor of love, Common Folk Music now includes a few excellent contributing writers, Andrew Smentkowski, who is also the other half of the duo Rusty Borealis, Richard Combs, Erin Maley, and David Horton of Popa’s Tunes, who writes “With the Grain,” a monthly beer and music pairing. We also provide album reviews and features for independent unsigned and signed musicians and have made it our mission to push real music to the masses changing the world’s musical preference one person at a time.

To give fair and balanced reviews and artist features opening the door and making the way smoother for independent musicians, as well as, changing America’s musical preference one person at a time. Music is the opiate of the masses, and we’re its pusher.


9 thoughts on “About CFM

  1. This is what we need. So much music is cookie cutter, Nashville, country or it doesn’t get played. Thanks you for promoting folk music, played by musicians who write, play and sing their own music. Gotta love it!

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