With The Grain – Joe Kille’s Arkadelphia & Holy Moses Ale

Holy Moses White Ale, a 5.4% ABV Witbier from Great Lakes Brewing Company. Holy_Moses_White_Ale
A small off white head of merengue sticks around for a while then recedes to a lasting soapy collar. Pale hazy golden, full bodied from the wheat but not overly sweet, crisp and refreshing with herbal and spicy notes, finishes with a sweet lingering taste.

I imagine Joe Kille as a wizened man with holes in the soles of his shoes, rolling along with his fiddle on his back setting in anywhere there’s a stool and a jam going on. Arkadelphia is a wandering soul’s album, the songs harken to the joys and sorrows of the journey, with a skip in your step on the road less traveled, aimless but persistent in going forward.

He is a proficient multi-instrumentalist on fiddle, lap steel, banjo, guitar from the Philadelphia area and has sat in with Morning River Band and The Miners as well as Soft Gut, Wes Mattheu & The New Way Down, and Sonya Cotton to name a few. He is also playing and recording with The Broken Prayers and Los Culeros. You can get your copy of Arkadelphia by contacting Joe at arkadelphia.music@gmail.com available digitally and on vinyl.

01 – I’m So Desperate MamaArkadelphia Cover (2)
02 – North of No South
03 – Poor Old Moses
04 – Atlantic Moon (Roll Along)
05 – I’m Walking- Up, Jump, Go
06 – Blood In My Heart
07 – Lost At Sea
08 – Blues Ain’t Nothing but a Mocki
09 – Horseflies
10 – Dry Land

Stream Arkadelphia below or view the entire album as a video playlist here.


With The Grain: Maynard and the Musties & Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada, Rhizing Bines

Rhizing Bines

With The Grain: Maynard and the Musties & Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada, Rhizing Bines

Though unique and different we are bound together by the asphalt ribbons and iron rails that crisscross the heartland. An East-meets-West Imperial IPA called Rhizing Bines, clocks in at 8% ABV and 70 IBUs, it pours a clear golden color with an off-white head that clings to the glass before it cascades down leaving a roadmap on the glass. Full of subtle earthy aromas of wheat, rye, ripened fruit and wildflowers, it coats the mouth with a light fabric of caramel and honey and perfect carbonation.

joe3Joe Maynard resides in Brooklyn where when not dealing in rare books he makes music with the east coast version of his band the Musties, he also has a west coast version located in Orcas Island, Washington.

The follow up to the Brooklyn Musties 2012 ‘Cheap Cigar’ album is the debut EP of ‘West’ recorded at Bruce Harvie’s Olgabowl Studio, Orcas Island, WA with Joe Maynard – vocals, guitar, Bruce Harvie – lead guitar, lap steel, mandolin, Melody Funk – bass, background vocals, and Andrew Moore – Drums, tambourine. Originally from Nashville, Maynard got his start playing snide, funny-as-hell country songs inspired by the classics he grew up with, but in recent years he’s explored an Americana-flavored rock.

The four song EP kicks off with the western swinging Big News, I’m Cryin’ with some killer slide guitar by Bruce Harvie and Joe and Melody provide a delightful countrified duet. Tin of Tea and The Killer Inside Me delve a bit into the darker side, the murder ballad Tin of Tea about a woman who may or may not have killed her man with some Lou Reedish vocals, The Killer Inside Me has an haunting echoing vocal with a killer wailing slide guitar solo from Harvie. The last track an acoustic, Love, My Love features Harvie on mandolin and Joe crooning a beautiful love song. Available on Bandcamp as a name-your-price download.

Brooklyn’s Maynard and the Musties –  Couch By Couchwest submission –  Pine Box

With the Grain: Play With Your Toys and Monkey Too

Our music and beer pairing segment, “With the Grain,” is back! Today, David, who runs Popa’s Tunes music blog as well as the food blog Beer and Groping in America (featuring recipes using my favorite condiment, Lusty Monk Mustard) is sharing his first pairing, so read on and drink responsibly.


The sun melts beyond a distant shore as golden fingers weave their way on the forest floor, touching nooks and crannies for one last time. Droplets gather in pools of mead after they’ve languished long on nuts and fruits. Upon first encounter you are hit with boldbrashness, playful intimacy and profoundly satisfying mixture of old world and new world styling’s tempered by a sparkling approach.

Exotic spices from the East round out this global journey to joy. Get on board. This Monkey’s bound for glory! Strong and sensual, this golden Belgian-style ale glows with goodness.


The End Men – CXCW Showcase

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Beer and Groping in America

With the Grain: J. Tillman and a Yuengling Black and Tan

The first and last With the Grain post was published all the way back in August and I think it’s about time to publish another one. This will be my very first time pairing beer and music and my very first time writing about it. I don’t know much about beer tasting, but I do know what I do and do not like. Still, this makes me a bit nervous. I’m pretty sure I can’t do it as well as Jess (New Music Collaborative, Brewery Sessions), but I will give it my best try.

After reaching for a Yuengling Black and Tan, my immediate reaction was to push play on J. Tillman’s 2007 release Cancer and Delirium,  and, more specifically, “When I Light Your Darkened Door.” Black and tans are either a combination of stout and lager, like the more traditional black and tan which is made of Guinness and Bass, but they can also be made with porter and lager as is the case with Yuengling’s Black and Tan. So, when I poured the Yuengling into a glass, its thin dark body and its tan, sandy head instantly reminded me of “When I Light Your Darkened Door” with J. Tillman’s breathy voice and rather stark instrumentation as well as its dark, melancholy mood. The taste matches the track’s vibe too. A hint of sweetness like a caramel, toffee taste and a bitter, vaguely biting flavor of coffee goes nicely with the way Tillman sweetly exposes his broken heart. And, like the track’s musical arrangement which smoothly adds simple layers upon layers, Yuengling’s Black and Tan goes down just as easily.

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“When I Light Your Darkened Door” – J. Tillman

With the Grain: Summer Ale & Marissa Nadler

I don’t mean to brag….actually, yeah, I do…but, I have some great blogger friends who have agreed to contribute a piece to CFM’s new beer and music pairing feature entitled “With the Grain.” The plan is to run this feature for as long as there is beer, music and willing writers with the intention to deliver a brief regional and international impression of what is making earbuds sing and tastebuds dance.

Our first piece comes from “With the Grain” main contributor, Jessica, who is also writer and editor of the ever so “audiotastic” New Music CollaborativeJess, who is from Boston, MA, isn’t just a music blogger, but a beer aficionado too. And, as you will read below, she combines her two loves to create the perfect pairing for the latter days of summer…

I remember thinking “Cheers to summer” as I snapped this picture on the official first day of the season, and that’s exactly what Brooklyn Brewery‘s Summer Ale and “The Sun Always Reminds Me Of You” are, a salute to the sunnier side. However, there is a bit of heft to both.

The summer ale is a bit different from your typical pilsner or kölch style summer beer because it’s based off of a traditional english style known as a Light Dinner Ale. It’s smooth and refreshing with a crisp citrusy aroma and bit of a bready taste from the malts giving it a medium body. It’s a mellow summer sipper, not a beer that will blow you away, but a welcome change of pace for a patio beer.

Complimentary to the Summer Ale is Marissa Nadler’s song full of poetic sunny imagery, “the sun will turn my hands to gold / more than any alchemist”, but it’s a bit too heavy, mellow, and sad to fit in with the easy-going summer jams. Her voice effortlessly glides over guitars the way you often see dragonflies skimming over the water at the lake. Summer songs come and go, but this one has staying power and I’ll be coming back to it.

Two quick months later and the summer beers are about to be replaced by pumpkin and oktoberfest beers, which means I’m almost ready to put away the summer songs too. But the Summer Ale and “The Sun Always Reminds Me Of You” are apt transition pieces to the autumn as we imbibe the last of the summer sun.

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“The Sun Always Reminds Me Of You”