With The Grain – Joe Kille’s Arkadelphia & Holy Moses Ale

Holy Moses White Ale, a 5.4% ABV Witbier from Great Lakes Brewing Company. Holy_Moses_White_Ale
A small off white head of merengue sticks around for a while then recedes to a lasting soapy collar. Pale hazy golden, full bodied from the wheat but not overly sweet, crisp and refreshing with herbal and spicy notes, finishes with a sweet lingering taste.

I imagine Joe Kille as a wizened man with holes in the soles of his shoes, rolling along with his fiddle on his back setting in anywhere there’s a stool and a jam going on. Arkadelphia is a wandering soul’s album, the songs harken to the joys and sorrows of the journey, with a skip in your step on the road less traveled, aimless but persistent in going forward.

He is a proficient multi-instrumentalist on fiddle, lap steel, banjo, guitar from the Philadelphia area and has sat in with Morning River Band and The Miners as well as Soft Gut, Wes Mattheu & The New Way Down, and Sonya Cotton to name a few. He is also playing and recording with The Broken Prayers and Los Culeros. You can get your copy of Arkadelphia by contacting Joe at arkadelphia.music@gmail.com available digitally and on vinyl.

01 – I’m So Desperate MamaArkadelphia Cover (2)
02 – North of No South
03 – Poor Old Moses
04 – Atlantic Moon (Roll Along)
05 – I’m Walking- Up, Jump, Go
06 – Blood In My Heart
07 – Lost At Sea
08 – Blues Ain’t Nothing but a Mocki
09 – Horseflies
10 – Dry Land

Stream Arkadelphia below or view the entire album as a video playlist here.