With The Grain: Jalapeño De Mezcal and Thee Dang Dangs

It’s summer grab a beach bunny and hit the beach Moondoggie! 


First off we need a tasty beverage somthing that sizzles, the Jalapeño De Mezcal

Jalapeño De Mezcal

2 ounces of Crema De Mezcal
2 ounces of Ginger Cordial
1/2 ounce lime juice
1/2 ounce of simple syrup
2 jalapeño wheels

For garnish
Smoked jalapeño
*Smoked jalapeño ginger orange sugar, for rim

1. Muddle jalapeño wheels. 2. Combine muddled jalapeño with Crema De Mezcal, Ginger Cordial, lime juice and simple syrup, shake and double strain over rocks. 3. Rim the glass with smoked jalapeño ginger orange sugar (see recipe below) and garnish with smoked jalapeño.

*Smoked jalapeño ginger orange sugar

1 pound of fresh ginger root
5 limes
2 cups of sugar

Directions for garnish
1. Juice 1 pound of fresh ginger root and boil it with the juice of 5 limes and 2 cups of sugar until all the sugar is dissolved. 2. Then take the ginger root left over from juicing and put it in the oven at low heat to dry it out. Constantly check it so it does not burn, but just becomes dry and crispy. 3. Extract the jalapeño seeds from a jalapeño and roast them in the oven on low heat until they are crisp. 4. Mix ginger root, sugar, and jalapeno seeds to taste and use either a food smoker or char a wood block and put all ingredients in a closed container to be smoked. 5. Finally grind the smoked ingredients in a food processor or spice grinder to get a powdery consistency.

Next we need some music Big Kahuna, some hip shakin’  ipso cripso Bikini Grindin’ beach dancin’ surf music….

beachbunnycropped copy

Thee Dang Dangs are a Denver, CO based Psych Surf Garage Rock band proving that surf is a state of mind not a place.

Fronted by Rebecca Williams with her reverb-heavy psychedelic sultry vocals conjures up an image of a reform school Gidget who’d think Moondoggie was a square man. Heavy hitting fuzzy surf guitar riffs, surf pounding beats this ain’t the twist daddy-o it’s the pile driver.



Rebecca Williams – Vocals/Guitar
Scott Gervais – Drums
Ray Koren – Guitar/ Keys
Matt Lane – Bass / Synth







Free Download For The People, enter Zero or toss them some clams