With The Grain: Uncle Leon and the Alibis/Pabst Blue Ribbon

makemineapabst I ain’t drunk I’m just drinking, so let’s get right down to what this ‘With The Grain’ series is all about, excessive guzzling  and kick arse music! This month’s beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon, lots of it!

Uncle Leon and the Alibis are a raunchous rabble rousing, saw dust kickin’ beer muscle flexing, table top dancing, boot stompin’ Hell raising ensemble of NYC denizens that pack moreUncle_Leon_and_the_Alibis_photo punch into their music than a troop of boxing kangaroos.  Their latest album ‘Wild Ways’ is available for only 5 buckaroos! In March they put out a casting call for the city’s wildest, most freak-tastic  inhabitants to be in their video for Wild Ways, the results of are on magnificent display in the video below.

Their Couch By Couchwest submission of ‘Beer Train’ created a variety of twitter memes and made more stops for straphangers than the entire MTA on New Years Eve!


Hold On
Cold Dark Night
All My Crazy Friends Got Old and Lame
Loving a Cowboy
Fuck the World
The Cheatin’ Kind
Don’t Blame This Guitar
It Ain’t That Easy
Wild Ways
Whiskey and Weed and Big-Titted Women