With The Grain> Wood Chuck Cider/Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats

Wood Chuck Barrel SelectImage
Wander out on the porch in the early morning hours, yes morning this is a cider. Stretch yer toes out to catch the rising sun, light up the corncob with some of Kentucky’s finest homegrown, stick some Jonathan Warren and The Billy Goats in yer ears and you’ll soon be doing splinter dodging dances and foot stompin’
This ultra-limited cider manages to combine the sweet and crisp taste of apple cider with smoky and dry flavors of Kentucky Bourbon. Woodchuck Cider is awesome, Kentucky Bourbon is awesome.
Style: Cider, Barrel Aged
Availability: 12oz/6pks
6.9% ABV


ImageLugging the sound of Appalachian around like a travel worn tattered old suitcase plastered with travel stickers, containing the basic necessities a traveler needs to keep their roots close, and ample space for things collected through weary wanderings, Jonathan Warren and The Billy Goats build on those roots of mountain music with a cross section of influences for a sound they rightly call “progressive psychobilly folk grass” with a bit of Gypsy and Vaudevillian styling’s, you know my dear readers this gets right in my Boxcar for the long haul.
Now Boise, Idaho-based Jonathan Warren and The Billy Goats released ‘A Little Something Stronger Than Wine’ (Amazon) in 2011, and have a new album ‘On This Very Evening’ dropping October 15th
The songs on the new release ‘On This Very Evening’ sound timeless, and Jonathan Warren and The Billy Goats would be just as relevant at a 60’s Folk Festival as they would today. From start to end the album is a rip roaring foot stomper, and one of my favorite releases of 2013.
Track List: Image

1 Greyhound
2 I’d Rather
3 Rules Bending
4 Angeline
5 Handshake
6 Quite Clearly
7 Living Room
8 On This Very Evening
9 She Gets The Blues
10 Coin Toss
11 On The Hill
12 Partly Cloudy
13 Honey Dear


Coin Toss

The Billy Goats perform “Strangetown” for CXCW (Couch by Couchwest) on a couch in Austin, TX.


Tour Dates:
9.25 – High West Distillery – Park City, UT
9.26 – Gracie’s – Salt Lake City, UT
9.27 – Yucca Tap Room w/ Some Dark Hollow – Tempe, AZ
9.28 – The Raven – Prescott, AZ
10.2 – LVCS w/ Ha Ha Tonka – Las Vegas, NV
10.4 – George’s Restaurant – St. George, UT
10.5 – Piper down pub – Salt Lake City, UT
10.15 – 10 Depot – La Grande, OR
10.16 – Emerald of Siam – Richland, WA
10.17 – Johns Alley – Moscow, ID
10.18 – The Top Hat – Missoula, MT
10.19 – Jones Radiator w/ Tyler Aker – Spokane, WA
10.20 – Next Door Gastropub – Port Angeles, WA
10.22 – The High Dive w/ Origami Ghosts – Seattle, WA
10.23 – Goodfoot w/ Kory Quinn – Portland, OR
10.24 – Sam Bond’s Garage w/ Hillstomp – Eugene, OR
10.25 – Silver Moon – Bend, OR
10.26 – Club 66 w/ Ponderosa Breeze – Ashland, OR
10.27 – Parade Grounds of Fort Barry – San Francisco, CA
10.28 – Amnesia w/ The Earl Brothers – San Francisco, CA
10.30 – The Torch Club – Sacramento, CA
11.1 – Plough & Stars – San Francisco, CA
11.2 – The Crepe Place w/ Windy Hill – Santa Cruz, CA
11.3 – The Starry Plough – Berkeley, CA
11.5 – The Mucky Duck – Monterey, CA
11.6 – Frog & Peach – San Luis Obispo, CA
11.7 – Muddy Waters – Santa Barbara, CA
11.8 – The Standard w/ Hoist The Colors – El Segundo, CA
11.9 – The Tin Can – San Diego, CA

With The Grain: Maynard and the Musties & Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada, Rhizing Bines

Rhizing Bines

With The Grain: Maynard and the Musties & Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada, Rhizing Bines

Though unique and different we are bound together by the asphalt ribbons and iron rails that crisscross the heartland. An East-meets-West Imperial IPA called Rhizing Bines, clocks in at 8% ABV and 70 IBUs, it pours a clear golden color with an off-white head that clings to the glass before it cascades down leaving a roadmap on the glass. Full of subtle earthy aromas of wheat, rye, ripened fruit and wildflowers, it coats the mouth with a light fabric of caramel and honey and perfect carbonation.

joe3Joe Maynard resides in Brooklyn where when not dealing in rare books he makes music with the east coast version of his band the Musties, he also has a west coast version located in Orcas Island, Washington.

The follow up to the Brooklyn Musties 2012 ‘Cheap Cigar’ album is the debut EP of ‘West’ recorded at Bruce Harvie’s Olgabowl Studio, Orcas Island, WA with Joe Maynard – vocals, guitar, Bruce Harvie – lead guitar, lap steel, mandolin, Melody Funk – bass, background vocals, and Andrew Moore – Drums, tambourine. Originally from Nashville, Maynard got his start playing snide, funny-as-hell country songs inspired by the classics he grew up with, but in recent years he’s explored an Americana-flavored rock.

The four song EP kicks off with the western swinging Big News, I’m Cryin’ with some killer slide guitar by Bruce Harvie and Joe and Melody provide a delightful countrified duet. Tin of Tea and The Killer Inside Me delve a bit into the darker side, the murder ballad Tin of Tea about a woman who may or may not have killed her man with some Lou Reedish vocals, The Killer Inside Me has an haunting echoing vocal with a killer wailing slide guitar solo from Harvie. The last track an acoustic, Love, My Love features Harvie on mandolin and Joe crooning a beautiful love song. Available on Bandcamp as a name-your-price download.

Brooklyn’s Maynard and the Musties –  Couch By Couchwest submission –  Pine Box