Jeffrey Foucault – Albuquerque (Neil Young Cover)

This isn’t a HELL YEAH post this is a FUCK YEAH post! I have never heard any coversong done in such way as Jeffrey Foucault’s cover of Neil Young’s jam “Albuquerque.” I could be a little bias as his newest album Horse Latitudes has been one of my listening staples since its release in May. C’mon, the album is sheer perfection and pristine Americana with its emotional pedal steel and Foucault’s tender yet rough vocals…Anyway, I digress…Back to his EXTRAORDINARY cover.  Foucault does an outstanding job maintaining the song’s Neil Young essence all the while making it unmistakably his own. And, I must say the closing guitar solo gives me chills. Hell, the whole damn song gives me goosebumps.  Oh, before I forget, I would like to thank one of my favorite blogs for posting this incredible cover. Big up, slowcoustic!

Purchase Horse Latitudes

Jeffrey Foucault’s Website

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